Posted by: Calvin | December 28, 2007

The Lion Cut

I am amazed by how many visitors I have to my blog as the result of an earlier post about my cat’s Lion Cut.  I feel compelled to post a picture:


He looks pissed, doesn’t he?



  1. What the hell did you do to that animal? He looks like he’s going to bite you in 3 seconds! Too cruel … I’m calling PETA.

  2. Can you blame him???

  3. Okay, I have got to say he is so justified in his resentment toward you and the groomer. 🙂

  4. I agree with all three comments above. My two kitties think yours needs to be rescued and NOW!

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  6. Aww, bless his heart! So cute!

  7. […] Blog Stats show that more than half of the visits to this blog are to see a picture of my cat’s lion cut.  If you have come to my site to see the lion cut . . . Welcome . . . and leave a comment telling […]

  8. I was thinking of getting a lion cut for my cat….I am no longer thinking it is a good idea…. 😉

  9. Oh, JK, it is a GREAT idea! My cat, Nermal, is pushing 20 years old. Once he started not being able to groom himself he became depressed and withdrawn and avoided people. Now, after he gets groomed, he is a new cat. Very proud, affectionate and happy!

  10. My vet recommended the lion cut for my cat because of his eosinophilic granulomas (an allergic reaction). She said he would retain less allergens when he licks his fur. Sure enough, while he had been having these allergic responses almost every three months, he went 7 months without one (I waited too long to get him cut again!)

  11. He looks to cute. I have a persian and its really hot in my house so the poor thing is miserable. I’m thinking of giving him this cut. I think it will help him feel better.

  12. Your cat is adorable, really. I have to cats, one is 7 years and one is 8 months. I want to do lion cut for a 7 year old. Can you tell me please, how long does it usually take for a cat to grow the fur back on? Thanks.

  13. My cat is small with long fur. He has horrible problems with fur balls, no matter HOW MUCH we groom him. I agonized over doing a lion cut, as the vet recommended. It just seemed like it would be too traumatic. Well, we finally did it, and he LOVES it! His personality is even more lion-like! He rolls and purrs and seems to absolutely enjoy it! We’ve had it redone with the same result. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!!!!!!!!!

  14. My cat just got the lion cut. He is SOOO happy and cool. And he looks adorable. He is ultra fat part Maine Coon (30 lbs) and obviously has trouble grooming himself.

    He just loves his cut and so do I. Fortunately he is an indoor cat so all the other cats cant make fun of him. Though in all honesty, I think they would be jealous considering the heat.

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  16. Your cat does look pissed!;-)…but vy stately.

    That’s not a bad idea (what does your vet say about it?)…it would really help with the fur balls, heat, and fleas.

    BTW, I’ve got 5 cats!

  17. That is just so stupid. I would never do that to my cats.

    • My Norwegian Forest Cat just had surgery to remove a hairball blockage. He recommended shaving or Cat Lax.

  18. My cat is almost identical to yours with the same cut but less fur around his neck and a long chuck liddell style mohake down his back. He looks great and loves the attention everyone gives him. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for him. He is a long hair and used to cough up furballs and it hurt him. Now he hasn’t had a single furball in years.

  19. I wish people would understand what they are doing to their pet before they go ahead and do it. And I wish more grromers had higher ethics rather than do what makes them an easy $45.00.

    Did you know that once a cat is shaved it’s coat will forever be damaged? Cats hair will grow back differently that will cause more matting than ever and they will lose their natural water proofing in their coat causing them to be chilled every time they get wet. They also loose any sun proofing and burn really easily. Not only that, but think of the mental stress caused and the risk of getting nicked by the razors. Cats have skin like rabbits that tear continuously. It is un pleasent. I wish people cared more about their pets health then what looks funny and what can be considered a great conversational item at your next party. It’ll give you tons to talk about. Poor cats. They are not objects that you can have fun with and design. If you don’t like hair, get a goldfish. If you are too lazy to brush your cat and it gets matted, get a goldfish. if this is something you did for sick fashion, don’t own living creatures, buy a barbi doll. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    I worked at a groom shop as a certified groomer for six years and talked people out of something like this daily. “But it looks cute!”. Dont own pets. Gosh, I wonder what your poor children will be subjected to!

    • well I have to say I have not encountered any of these things with my cat. I have been doing a lion cut on him since he has been a kitten and I have to say he loves it. I would advise anyone that has a long haired cat to shave him or her. And I have never had my vet to tell me any of these things. but again everyone is aloud to have there own opion.

  20. Laura, thank you for commenting. It seems that you are interested in educating readers about the negatives of giving a cat a lion cut. You make points that I have not been made aware of by the groomer (who is also our vet). That is appreciated. You had the possibility of having a useful message

    HOWEVER, your judgmental disparagement of my abiities as a parent are totally and completely out of line.

    Also, what would happen to all of the cats who have had a lion cut if their owners gave them up as you suggest? They may be put to death if someone as smart as you did adopt them. Be careful of what you ask for . . . or better tone down your message in the future.

  21. Wow…some people are son uneducated. First of all, a lion cut takes about 45 minutes to do. It is painless as opposed to brusing and washing a cat. But, it tickles…so you better call PETA (which I am member cause I don’t EAT MEAT like a bunch of you epocrytes !!! Second, some cats do not let themselves be brushed (so I gess you should put it down ?) And NO IT”S NOT TRUE…the fur does not change !!!!! If it does, it is because of the growth hormone (some people should go to school). A lot of cats become ill when not shaved and also some people. Sun block ???? OMG !!!! I THINK THAT THE CAT WILL GET OUT OF THE SUN !!!! Most of you people have dirty cats with skin problems so before you throw rocks at everybody else, take a good look at your everyday purchases …and that, my dear, is your participation in cruelty to animals…not a cat getting shaved. I can’t believe are stupid some of you are. But hey….come to think of it…I dol.

  22. I’m sorry but your cat is just too funny like that. I LOVE it.

  23. Oh my gosh, now I know how my blue persians would look like with a lion cut!!! haha. . . they are soooo cute! I’ll definitely give them this cut in the summer as it’s really VEEEEERYYYYYYYYY HOT here in the Philippines in that season. And that’ll help get rid of flea problems too.

    I’m not sure what the problem of Laura was. We’re not hurting our cats, we’re actually relieving them of heat exhaustion, hair balls and flea / tick problems?? Is that wrong? We’re just responsible owners.

    At least they have a groovy haircut rather than shaving all the hair off.

  24. so i was doing research to see whether i was correct about shaving a cat and i am !!!

    correct being that it doesn’t hurt them and they are usually happier after.

    i’m going to be getting my fat long hair cat shaved this year as all 6 of my cats are indoors only and are afraid of the air conditioned room. last year it looked like he was dieing from the heat .( all sprawled out and panting) and then he started getting all matted in the winter no matter how much i brushed him. im just glad that there is a certain type of hair cut to get him cause i thought he was just gonna get shaved all over. the lion cut will look cute and do the job of keeping my INDOOR cat cool.

    thank you everyone for commenting.

  25. stop beeing some 14 year old girlygirl that only thinks about whats pretty!!…shaving a cat is GOOD for him…if not…why my vet would suggest doing thast to my beloved Clyde??? hein? (asking) …they do it under sedative …no hurting no crying and the most important no more getting hot and beeing depressive for the cat …leaving a cat without grooming is totaly hearthless…

  26. I started working at a pet grooming store and I get to bring in my cat in for free. After doing some research I’ve settled on a lion cut. I have a bright orange tabby with super long hair. His hair gets all over the place and it gets hot in L.A. so I think he’s gonna love it.

  27. We had our long haired part tabby part hym- done w/ the lion cut and he looks and feels better. he is indoor only as his front paws we declawed,
    The hair being gone has helped him w/ fur balls and my allergies to boot. I hightly recommend it.

  28. wow! such controversial comments about cat shaving!! I have shaved 2 of my cats due to mild allergies (and their long hair). It has really helped my allergies! And cut down on vacuuming/brushing. And if you are really careful and train them to enjoy it, trimming is very tolerable for them. I have NEVER nicked either of them. Good luck!

  29. Actually, contrary to what everyone up top is saying, this cat is feeling a lot better than it did before. They may hate the process of the cut and shave, but these kinds of cats get very bad knots in their hair and it can begin to eat away at the skin (causing a lot of pain for the cat, as well as an annoyance for the owner) and shaving is the best (and most attractive) way to get rid of those knots.

    I had a cat just like this and we gave her the lion cut as well 🙂

  30. HAHAHAHAHA! Made my day! As I absolutely hate cats with a burning passion, it always cheers me up to see one in pain and misery!

    • if u hate cats u hate woman and if your a woman u hate yourself…u might think about healing your cat hatered

  31. Francine! You’re a member of PETA? How righteous of you to support animal killers :3 PETA digusts me. They rave about animal abuse but their own headquarters kills off 90% of it’s animals, adopts like 7 chickens out a year, and kills animals it ‘saves’ In a truck before leaving the pet owner’s home. Oh and they spend their huge ass budget on a contract to burn the animals they kill and stick in freezers. And there’s so much more lol. I’d know, I wrote an 8 page research paper on it. Being in PETA is nothing to brag about. Seriously.

    And In general my cats are normal. They don’t have bad skin they’re healthy and I brush them because I take care of my cats. Plus they aren’t old. And how can people say, “oh animal abusers! You don’t groom your cats”. Animal abusers make their cats so fat they can’t clean themselves lol. Also, I have nothing against people who did the cut because they thought it was best for the cat. ^^

  32. This cat looks completely HAPPY and CONTENT! Honestly adorable

  33. Searching for ‘Lion’ and found your cute, funny pic. I have the same kind of cat, and we were considering getting him shaved, as his knots are impossible.

  34. My son and I were searching lion pictures and came across your picture, he thinks this is the funniest picture he’s seen in his life!! He is just cracking up looking at this picture. Hope you don’t mind if we print this out so he can keep laughing!!

  35. do you guys know what would happen if i did the same to my rabbit, it has the same problem as some of you have said that he gets very hot…. cheers!

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