Posted by: Calvin | November 22, 2010

Mama Bear is NOT Happy

Every so often, something happens that stirs up my inner mama bear.   I do not think there is a mom alive that does not have that instinctual internal ire that gets set afire when she feels that her child has been treated unfairly or unkindly by someone.  Today I was reviewing a grading sheet sent home regarding Mojo’s recent Spanish project.  The teacher had commented on the oral presentation section:  “Fluency – stuttered quite a bit.”  (The words in italics were underlined on her sheet.)  He had 2 points taken away for what appeared to be fluency and pronunciation.  The assumption being one point for each.

Here is the thing . . . Mojo stutters.  It is no secret.  He has stuttered all his life.   He has been in speech therapy for years.  Notwithstanding, he stutters every day, all day.  He stutters in normal conversation with friends and family.  It gets worse when he reads aloud  and speaks publicly.  In this case he was orally presenting a Power Point presentation in Spanish, which is not a language that he knows or is regularly exposed to.  Of course he stuttered quite a bit

The teacher’s comment aroused my inner mama bear.   She should have known better.  We are more than half way through the second semester for crying out loud.  She is supposed to be on Mojo’s side with me.  Now I see her on the other side, the side  from which Mojo needs protection.  When I thought of who someday might be the person who made Mojo feel bad about stuttering, I did not envision that it would be one of his teachers.   After this it is going to be harder to drop him off, kiss him good-bye and wish him a great day tomorrow.  This mama bear is NOT happy.



  1. Ooooooooooooooo!! BAD teacher! BAD! I absolutely understand. You will say something to her, yes?

  2. Oh wow… Please tell me you called her on this. That would have sent me through the roof!

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