Posted by: Calvin | January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

We spent the weekend and New Years Eve at the fish camp.  No phone, no Internet, and our main television  down there finally went to television heaven.  Fisherman had to watch football bowl games on an itty bitty screen — no digital, no HDTV.  No THAT is roughing it! 

It was a nice, relaxing weekend.  We spent Sunday out fishing.  Baseball Boy caught most of the fish.  Mojo and I were not in the mood for fishing so we played “Go fish!” and watched the birds and dolphins go by.  New Year’s Eve we spent lounging around the fish camp most of the day, then we went into town to see the last matinee of “Alvin and the Chipmunks”.  The movie was good.  We had very low expectations, so it was not difficult to exceed them.  We played pool and a board game, then Baseball Boy and I actually stayed up to see the big ball drop and the big motorcycle jump on the itty bitty screen.  Fisherman and Mojo tried to stay up, but just couldn’t do it!  Today was another lounge around day.  A cold front came through with some much needed rain.  We finally mustered up enough energy to go to an annual New Year’s Day party on the way back home.  It was good to see some our good friends again . . . friends we used to see so much of until we had kids and real responsibilities . . . shouldn’t the song be about remembering all acquaintances? 

I am looking forward to a new start for the year, but it already feels like more of the same.  Here are some goals for the year in no particular order:

  • reconnect with old friends
  • make new friends
  • take more vacations – even just long weekends will work
  • eat healthier
  • get more exercise
  • take more time to listen to my boys
  • go out of town for at least one night with just my husband
  • take a girls weekend away
  • play more games with my boys
  • liquidate some assets
  • speak in nicer tones to my boys, even if I am stressed and frustrated
  • work less
  • live more


  1. I need a girls’ night out. When can we go?

  2. It sounds like a great start to 2008. Though I do feel sorry for your poor husband. I picture him crouched over the mini-screened tv, yelling for his team! Can you tell I’ll actually be sorry when college football is over?

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