Posted by: Calvin | April 20, 2011

Sisterhood Solidarity

Girl friends have a way of communicating with each other to show solidarity.  It is at times a secret language.  A few well said words that mean one thing to you and something else to all others.  They can be so simple, but say so much. 

Each year in fall and in spring my sons get picked to play on a baseball team.  The boys wonder about who the other players will be.  I wonder who the parents will be – the ones that I will spend hours with in the stands 3 – 4 nights a week.  I have made some pretty awesome friends in those stands.  Others, well . . . I do not miss them one bit.  The two previous teams my boys played with the son of an awesome baseball mom.  She knows baseball, she is witty and she is not afraid to whisper to me under her breath say how she really feels.  Her secrets are safe with me.  She is usually right on the money.   Before long, we were not just friends in the stands, we were just friends.

We are on different teams this year.  So, when I had problems with a borderline evil mom who made the first half of our season a living hell for me, my husband and my son, I sought her out and used her as a sounding board.  Of course, she was on my side and offered great advice.

Tonight, her son finished his practice early and she came over to the stands say “Hi” to me while I watched our game.  We chit-chatted, and then before saying her goodbye . . . she whispered in my ear while nodding toward the evil mom . . . “What did she do to her hair?”   Sisterhood solidarity at its best.  Subtle, but spot on to put a smile on my face.


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