Posted by: Calvin | October 17, 2010

Hello My Name is Calvin . . .

. . . and I am a Facebook addict.  I do not want to be a Facebook addict.  I never meant to be a Facebook addict.  It has been fun reconnecting with people from my past (some more than others) and chatting at all times of the day with people all over the map . . . BUT, this is getting crazy.  I even have a Facebook application on my phone and check for updates at red lights.  Surely, I have better things to do a red lights . . . like watching to see when the light turns green.

Many of my “friends” are people I  knew from high school.  Many I knew well and am so glad to catch up with them again to see how they have grown over the years.  I have also figured out that I really missed out on getting to know some fun, quality people back then.  It is nice to have a second chance in cyberspace.  Other friends are people who I see all the time and others are people who I have never met in real life.  I do feel that I have gotten to know my friends a little better, and that is a good thing, BUT I could still stand to spend less time logged in.

The worst part about Facebook is the games.  Perhaps it is truer to say that I am a Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook addict.  For a while I was a Farm Town and other “ville” addict, but I gave those games up cold turkey.  My previous laptop, may it rest in peace, got a virus and I decided that it was because of all those silly “ville” games.  However, I also managed to convince myself that the viruses did not come from Bejeweled Blitz.  So, I continue to waste time playing that darn game.  Tonight my son pointed out that I have nothing to show for the time I have spent playing Bejeweled Blitz and he is so right.  Then I remembered this lonely, neglected blog.  At least if I spend my time writing a blog post, I have something to show for it.   Even if no one reads it.

From now on, when I get the urge to waste time on the computer, I will try to spend the bulk of my free time blogging, reading or writing e-mails to loved ones and much less time Bejeweled Blitzing.   Who knows, I may even convince myself to turn off the computer and just hang out with my family sans the computer!



  1. Well, hello Calvin!
    Now see, my first rule of Facebook when I logged on ages ago was NO APPLICATIONS OR GAMES!

  2. …and I don’t know why that posted so quickly! Anyhoo, I’ve kept my FB use under control, but Twitter? Oh, that would be my red light addiction!! So I can relate. I swear the biggest obstacle to my reading challenge I put myself to this year when I was done with my volunteering posts has been the dreaded twitter timeline and that handy iphone constantly updating me. I have to truly leave it in another room in order to get deep into a book! But ultimately your son is right and it is a thought like which keeps me finding a way to balance it all out. Good luck!

  3. Don’t know what made me do it, but I’m SO glad I checked your blog. I’d much rather catch up on your thoughts this way. Back from Paris yesterday. Loved it. So – Parisian! Waiting to hear if you are considering CA next summer.

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