Posted by: Calvin | March 7, 2008

“Lion” Search


My Blog Stats show that more than half of the visits to this blog are to see a picture of my cat’s lion cut.  If you have come to my site to see the lion cut . . . Welcome . . . and leave a comment telling me how you got here!

In the last 30 days 265 people found this blog by searching the term “lion”  — yes — just “lion.”  This seams a bit broad to me, so I tested this search term on Google.   My Google search for the term “lion” did not result in a link to my blog.  Being a determined, somewhat scientific soul, I checked over 100 pages of links.  I did not check them all,  because at page 97 or so almost all links were to overtly p*or*n*o sites.  The mystery remains unsolved.

According to my Blog Stats, here are search terms from the last 30 days used by “The Lion Cut” readers:

  • lion                                    251
  • lion cut                               65
  • cat cut lion                         11
  • lion pictures                        9
  • cat with lion cut                   4
  • dog lion cut                         4
  • cut                                     3
  • the lion cut                         3
  • lion cut cat                          2
  • polo lion cut                        2
  • happy cat                            2
  • cat and lion                         2
  • cat grooming lion cut           2
  • cats lions cuts                     2
  • cats with lion cut                 2
  • lion’s cat cut                        2
  • cat shave lion                      2
  • “lion cut”                              2
  • lions cut cat                         2


  1. Did you search on the Blog portion of Google? When I typed in “lion cut” your post today was the first thing that came up.

  2. Hey now – thanks LSM…I had never paid attention to that little drop down menu in Google!!

  3. LSM is clearly a Google Genius. It feels good to have my lesson of the day behind me before noon. It takes the pressure off the rest of the day!

  4. That is one adorable cat.

  5. Greetings from the Rocky Mountains! I managed to land here by clicking “Go to a Random Blog.” Imagine my surprise at finding a “nekkid” cat!

    However, as a long-time cat fancier, that’s not the first lion cut I’ve seen (just not on my own). And as the owner of a medium-haired cat and three Lhasa Apsos (two of which are in full coat), I’m well acquainted with hairballs and mats. Sometimes, you just have to what’s necessary for comfort when dealing with aging pets.

    BTW, it appears your flower is a “Johnny Jump-Up.” Hardy little plants that seed themselves and always a welcome addition to the yard.

  6. I, too, searched for ‘lion’ with google image search. It was on the third page of results. I have safe search on, so the sketchy results you were getting were not shown, potentially moving your image up in the queue.

  7. i searched “lion” in google and then went to images. i am looking for reference photos of lions to draw a cartoon lion for a project i’m working on.

    your cat doesn’t look very excited about the haircut… heh heh. i’m totally sending this to my sister.

  8. i searched cat haircut

  9. A friend shared on my facebook in response to a picture I posted of my cat molting.

  10. I typed in Lion cuts for cats… You cat looks pissed off! LOL

  11. You are still turning up over 3 years later as the first pic in google images, cat lion cut. Nice! I’m taking my long haired bluish grey 18lb cat to the groomers this morning and was just looking for a few pics to remind me what to expect.

  12. Lion Cuttttt! That’s how I found you.

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