Cast of Charactors

Calvin– me.  It is not my real name.  The only place people call me Calvin is in the blogoshpere.  I was first introduced to blogging mid 2007 when a friend invited me to read her blog.  She had referred to me as CK in a few posts.  Whenever I see CK, I think of Calvin Klein (who designed the first pair of designer jeans I ever owned).  For fun, I left a comment on her blog from “Calvin”.  I have been Calvin in cyberspace ever since. 

Fisherman– my husband of 11+ years.  We met in 1990 right before I moved to Florida.   A friend from college gave me the name of a friend’s sister that lived in the small town where my parents had a second home.  I was bored one day while staying at my parents house and called her.  The sister invited me out on her boyfriend’s boat, the “Aquaholic.”  So when asked how I met my husband I can say:  I met him on a friend’s friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s boat.  I guess you never know which telephone call might change your life!

Baseball Boy – my first and eldest son.  Born in 1999.  He is in 4th grade. 

Mojo– my second and youngest son.  Born in 2001 on Valintines Day!  He is in 2nd grade.

Alto2– a dear friend.  She is generous, caring and a Jeopardy Champion!  She introduced me to blogging.

GM – a dear friend and neighbor.  She has lived across the street since 1992.  She is like family. 

Garage Guy– GM’s husband.  A great guy.  Grandpa #3 to my kids!

August96Moms– the internet friends that Alto2 made when when she was pregnant with her eldest son.  They welcomed me into their blog community and have been VERY supportive.  It is nice to know someone reads!


This is my gravatar.  When I leave a comment on another person’s blog, this picture shows up next to my comment.  I realize it is odd and clearly not a picture of me.   Here is the story of the little yellow flower.  While on vacation in Colorado, staying at a friend’s house, I noticed a lone yellow flower growing in the rock bed near the base of the stairs to their front door.  Each day it was there to greet me as I came and went.  Each day it made me smile.  My vacation ended, but now the flower still greets me everyday when I leave a comment for others.  It adds cheer to my day and I hope others will come to enjoy seeing the lone yellow flower on their blogs.


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