Posted by: Calvin | February 15, 2009

A Gift For My Valentine

My husband has been having a stressful time of it at work lately.  The one thing that clears his mind is fishing.  Yesterday morning I called him on his cell phone and told him that the boys both had a baseball practice Saturday, that there was no need for both of us to go to their practices, and that I thought he should just go fishing.  He asked me at least 4 times during the day if I was sure that I was fine with him going.  I assured him that I had everything under control.  He seemed more relaxed just knowing that he was going to go fishing the next day.  He invited only one friend to join him, a friend that helped out and did not need to be entertained.  My plan was working.

Off they went this morning.  As I was arriving at baseball practice #1, my cell phone rang.   It was Fisherman.  There had been an incident.  Not too bad.  They had stopped for gas and supplies.  Somehow, the friend closed the van door on Fisherman’s head.  It knocked him to the ground, and there was a lot of blood. 

One trip to Urgent Care, three staples later and two of them went fishing!  Mission accomplished.

Tomorrow the whole family is going out in the boat for a pleasure trip another family from Michigan.  Hopefully without any incidents!

Happy Valentines Day!


  1. I would definitely rather have my finger closed in the door THAN MY HEAD!!!!!!

    You intentions were amazing…maybe the other guy didn’t have such permission from his wife and it was karma sneaking up on the whole situation…or some kind of voodoo thing gone wrong.

  2. Talk about a quick recovery!

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