Posted by: Calvin | April 7, 2009

The Talk

At breakfast club with Alto2, Belle and another boy mom, we discussed the need to have “the talk” with our boys.  I thought about it more that day and Alto2 e-mailed a great article on the subject.  My 10 year old had some trouble falling asleep on Saturday night.  We were the only ones up.  Primed with fresh information and gumption, I figured I would broach the subject.  I started, “You know, your getting older and soon your body will start changing.”  His eyes said, “What are you talking about?”  I continued, “For instance, you will start getting hair on your legs, under your arms, all over, just like Dad.”  He looked at me funny.  I asked him if he had any questions, he inquired, “Can I get a cell phone soon?”  I said, “Don’t count on it!”  . . . tucked him in . . . gave him a kiss on the forehead and said, “Good Night.”  I’d say that went well.



  1. Hey, I wish my “talk” had gone that well. Mine began with questions asked from the back seat of the mini van on the way to the orthodontist with 2 guest children in tow. It started nice and subtle with the inquiry of “Mom, do guys have to put their penis’ in girls vaginas?”

    I answered honestly, “no, they don’t have to.”
    Why couldn’t it have just stopped right there…

  2. LOL! Too funny! I’d say that went very well.

  3. My mom gave me the talk too. My dad was too inhibited to do it. So my mom pulled out one of her nursing-school textbooks on human sexuality.
    That was the first time I ever saw a picture of a naked woman. There was a beautiful, naked woman on one page, and a naked man on the other. I continuously took that book off the shelf, after that, and looked at the woman–I was really fixated on her.

    Still, no talk can prepare a kid for the real thing. I seduced a 40-something Latina lady, at age 16–right under my parents’ noses–but that’s another story!

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