Posted by: Calvin | November 7, 2007

Lion Cut or No Lion Cut

We have a cat.  We got him in my brother’s divorce.  He is a good cat, except when he makes a bizarre howl at night that sounds like a sick child nearing death.  Oddly, I have gotten used to the awful howl sound and can usually sleep through it.  He is a 10+ year old Himalayan with gray hair.  His trademark long hair does not keep him from sleeping in the middle of the table on our lanai in the extreme summer heat, but oh my does it leave a hairy mess around the house.  We have had the groomer give him lion cuts in the past.  When he gets home he looks as us like we are the devil for causing him to look so goofy.  He is right.  He does look goofy, but the boys love it and it makes my life easier.   The cat is ready to go to the groomer again.  I soon need to make the decision . . . to ask for the lion cut or not to ask for the lion cut.  I am thinking maybe if I wake up to that awful howl sound he makes at night between now and then, lion cut it is!

To see a picture of the Lion Cut:  Go to my December 28, 2007 post.  Enjoy!


  1. Your brother got divorced, and you got custody of the cat? That’s an odd arrangement.

  2. I wish you would have mentioned this at coffee this morning. My off-the-cuff comment would have been too crude to print here. To be safe, give the cat the lion cut.

  3. […] Lion Cut I am amazed by how many visitors I have to my blog as the result of an earlier post about my cat’s Lion Cut.  I feel compelled to post a […]

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