MLB Ballpark Lists

My sons love baseball.  We decided that it would be fun while they are young and still want to travel with us to visit all of the MLB Baseball Parks.  It will also give us an excuse to visit cities that we otherwise would never visit.  This is the list of ballparks that I have been to.  The parks in italics are the parks that my sons have seen with me.

Major League Baseball Parks:

1.   Tiger Stadium (the original in downtown Detroit)

2.   Turner Field (Atlanta Braves)

3.   Citizen’s Bank Park (Philadelphia Phillies)

4.   Wrigley Field  (Chicago Cubs)

5.   Joe Robbie Stadium (Florida Marlins – Miami)

6.   Coors Field (Colorado Rockies – Denver)

7.   Tropicana Field (Tampa Bay Devil Rays)

8.   AT&T Field (San Francisco Giants)

9.   The Coliseum (Oakland Athletics)

10.  Comerica Park (Detroit Tigers)

Spring Training:

1.   City of Palms, Ft. Myers – Boston Red Sox

2.   Hammond Field, Ft. Myers – Minnesota Twins

(I will add to the list as I experience more ballparks.)



  1. Oooh, I guess I should add a list of the spring training parks we’ve been to. My kids are not the baseball fans yours are, but yours would surely have loved the spring training field trips we took in March 2008.

  2. Well, I know someone who would love to show off her local ballpark to your boys 😉

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