Posted by: Calvin | April 27, 2009

Swine Flu Memories

I distinctly remember the first swine flu scare in the 1970s.  I was about 11 year old. 

There was a mandate that all people, young and old, receive a swine flu vaccination.  The shots were offered at the local high school.  We stood in a LONG line that started outside on a hot summer Michigan day.  We stood in line for hours.  As we approached the front of the line, there were murmurs that they were running out or the vaccines and we may or may not get a shot that day.  Somewhat apprehensive that we had wasted so much time in that awful line, we finally made it into the makeshift clinic and saw the multiple cubicles with sheets separating the families to simulate privacy. 

Finally it was our turn.  We entered our assigned sheet walled cubicle where we were met by a nurse.  We answered many questions about our medical history and our current health and then . . . we got our shots.  We walked out of the cubicle and I felt dizzy.  Next thing I know, I had my first whiff of smelling salts.  I was told that I turned white and feel into the arms of a handsome volunteer doctor.   My Mom was very proud of me for my excellent timing.

Anyone else out there have any memories from the swine flu scare in the ’70s?



  1. I vaguely remember something…but I was kind of young. I think my grandmother was vonunteering at the local facility and we went there. It wasn’t something she normally did.

  2. None at all. They mentioned it on CNN this morning and showed the photo of President Ford getting his shot but I have no memory of it. I would have been 7 or so though and I can pretty much be sure my mom (who always had a distinct mistrust of regular MD’s) probably ignored the order :->

  3. That’s enlightening–I didn’t even know the swine flu had been around before. But I was born in ’66, so I wouldn’t have known about it.

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