Posted by: Calvin | February 13, 2009

Floppy Disk Dilemma

I am working on a very large transaction at work.  As part of the work, I hired a contractor (who was recommended by another lawyer in town) to give an expert opinion on a small part of the matter.  Her report was to be accompanied by pictures.  I got the opinion today and she provided the pictures . . . get this  . . . on floppy disks.  To be sure you know what I am talking about, I mean these:


We do not have any computers at my office that will read or write data to or from floppy disks.  I am shocked that in 2009, a professional in my industry is still using a computer that does not at least write to a CD. 

Do any of you have floppy disk drives at home or work?  Am I being a snob here?  Please comment.  I need to know!



  1. I might have an old computer at the house that my one year old pounds on and plays Elm or Bob the Builder on…at my house!!!!!!!! No working.

    We have some construction people (all older gentlemen) that refuse to even start usiing computers. They draw up plans on the back of plywood.

  2. No way!! Nothing at my house or office would accommodate that 🙂 Very odd. Shoot, I think even my dad’s computer is beyond which is saying a LOT!

  3. Definitely odd. I would expect a contractor to be able to provide you what you need on a CD or zip drive.

  4. I haven’t seen one of those in YEARS. I don’t think my 12 y/o would even know what it is. Yes, that is odd. Maybe you send her a VHS tape in return .


  5. I have one of those, shoot does that mean my pc is out of date? I haven’t used it in years, does that count? 😉

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