Posted by: Calvin | February 4, 2009

Random x 25 = Me

After being tagged on Facebook by my high school boy friend’s then best friend, I added 25 Random Things About Me to my Facebook Notes.  This is lifted from there.  I am taking after LSMwho thought to turn her list into a blog post.  Like her, I do not plan to tag any one, but I would enjoy reading 25 things about you.

  1. I tend to follow the rules and am often bothered when others do not. Perhaps it is an occupational hazard.
  2. I began learning how to play the violin at the age of 38, when my then 4 ½ year old son decided he wanted to take lessons. I am now in Book 2 of the Suzuki violin repertoire. (Do not look for me in an orchestra any time soon!)
  3. I was the first member of my family to get a post graduate degree.
  4. I am a Florida Bar Board Certified Real Estate Attorney.
  5. I can operate a lift truck. (It is always good to have a back up plan.)
  6. I won my first (and only) golf tournament (low gross and low net) the first year I learned to play in the summer before fourth grade by scoring a 31 for 3 holes!
  7. My favorite dessert is the Melting Hot Chocolate Soufflé at Roy’s.
  8. If it were not for good friends who were there for me and my family in our time of need, I have no doubt my Mother would have died in June of 2004. I am thankful to them everyday and repay the favor by being there for others when they need me.
  9. I was a resident assistant in college.
  10. I rarely buy clothes or shoes that are not on sale.
  11. Being on a boat in the 10,000 islands with my family relaxes me.
  12. The first thing I do after I check into a hotel is fill up the ice bucket in my room.
  13. I listen to a lot of talk radio. My kids say that is why I get stopped at so many traffic lights.
  14. I had my first child when I was 34, and my second when I was 36.
  15. My Dad grows pineapples in his yard and they are the best pineapples I have ever tasted.
  16. I got married on a sailboat at sunset.
  17. I miss my Grandma.
  18. I am a keeper, but I hope to wake up one day and throw or give almost everything I own away and live a minimalist life thereafter.
  19. I have lots of friends that are older than I am. They teach me so much.
  20. I helped coached the under 12 Georgia State Champions when I was in law school even though I had never played soccer before.
  21. I am a free market fiscal conservative and a social moderate.  The closest label for me is probably Liberatarian.
  22. I have been asked to run for public office, but have no interest in being a politician.
  23. I love playing cards.
  24. Without my girlfriends, I would probably be nuts.
  25. My family means the world to me.


  1. Unfortunately, I cannot move my 25 things to my blog since my mom reads it and there is stuff there she really wouldn’t want to see 🙂

    And now I am really craving pineapple!

  2. Not too many shockers there, but the violin thing was a bit of a surprise.

    I am so trying to give the “new kids” the benefit of the doubt in D.C., but “change” looks like the same thing, just in a different color suit!

  3. I just realized my google reader has not been updating your blog — so I’m getting caught up.

    What a coincidence: I was an RA in college too!! (And after I finished my master’s, I was a hall director for 6 years.) Small world, eh?

  4. I envy you, being able to play the violin! That is the one instrument I’d most like to play. I remember picking one up at a flea market, and getting gooseflesh at the feel and sound of the bow across the strings. I couldn’t afford it. But I’ve never had the patience to learn any instruments, anyway.

    Still, I can sing very well. I took voice in college. I’m a baritone, with a double-octave range. And though my car radio works, I usually sing when I drive–I have a whole repertoire of memorized songs I love to sing–most frequently Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues”!

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