Posted by: Calvin | January 10, 2009

Just Me and Little League

Fisherman took both boys to the fish camp this weekend . . . without me.  Another Dad and his son went with them for a guys weekend.  I have the house to myself, no one is pestering me for anything, no one is changing the TV channel or asking if they can use my lap top.  I can eat what I want and do what I want. 

So what am I doing?  I am booked all weekend with Little League Board duties.  This weekend we hold our clinics in advance of our tryouts.  My job is to deal with the tardy parents who did not come to the first, second or third day of regular registration or the first or second day of late registration.  (Which unbeknownst to me is our fault for various creative reasons, so the late fee should not apply to them.)  I also am getting the last minute proof of residency and birth certificates that the people who did come earlier did not bother to bring with them notwithstanding the EXPLICIT instructions telling them it was NECESSARY – apparently for everyone but their kid – because this is really about the kids, right?  Oh, and we need to make sure that late registered player and his best friend Johnny (whose Mom got the word on registration in time to make registration on time, curious, isn’t it?) are on the same team and that they do not have practice on Mondays or before 5:45 pm.  I am sure we understand and will move heaven and earth to make this happen because any other way is really not going to work for them.

So I ask myelf, what in the world was I thinking taking this volunteer job?  When I got the call that fall night from my little league friends begging me to get on the Board, why did I even answer the phone?  Did I not read and digest TPGoddess’ and MTAE’s posts about the hassles of such board positions and the immense amount of time it takes to deeply irritate so many people?  Am I certifiable?  I would answer this question, but I have to go so I am not late for late, late, later registration.  You know how some people do not like having to wait.



  1. *moment of silence*


    My issue always turns out to be with the parents that think we all just sitting and waiting just for THEM to come. Like they are the only people that have busy lives. We have registration so easy that they just have to fill out a forn on-line and bring payment and the medical release form to one of the seven gatherings BEFORE the first game.


    You could not be more right about the clueless parents who do not realize we are busy people with jobs and families who are volunterring our time. I do not know why we do not have online registration. I had to type in data for over 350 players into a nearly obsolete program over the last couple of weeks. You would be amazed at how many people have illegible handwriting! I had a conversation with the league President today about how I hope to change things next year and prepared him to spend a little money. I will set it up for fall ball when we have a lot less players to work out the kinks before spring ball.

  2. Yes, you are insane! Yes, you will be annoyed at every possible thing that parents can come up with for special treatment.

    Did I mention I spent 4 hours this morning at the equipment shed for all of the families who somehow could NOT make it to the first three drop off opportunities? Can you believe there are STILL missing items? Almost 3 months after the season ended? Argh!

    Did I mention that I had to harass a dozen families on the travel ball league for payment?

    Did I also mention that this my last year FOR SURE for both football and baseball?


  3. MTAE – Both the leagues I am with have online registration. I could NOT do the job without that!!!

  4. DH and I both did our tour on the swim team board when DD2 was little and learned our lesson then…..NEVER again!!!

  5. Not to be a pest, but, I have tried for months to contact the LL for my area, and there is no phone number to call for specifics. I missed the deadline in December b/c I was sick as a dog. I would gladly pay the late fee, but since I don’t have a physical person to call, I can’t even think about registering WT to play.

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