Posted by: Calvin | January 8, 2009

Gator Zone



Tonight is the BCS Bowl – the National NCAA Football Championship.  We will be watching and eating football food!

Fisherman is a Gator.  He played football for them in the early ’80’s.  His blood still runs orange and blue.  He would be so pleased if the Uof F Gators win another national title.  I would be most pleased as well.  When things go well for the Gators, Fisherman is much more pleasant to be around. 

Go Gators!



  1. Kind of like I was a much nicer person all around htis weekend because the Chargers won their playoff game on my birthday? Oh yeah, I know that mood 🙂

    Well, thank you for giving me a team to root for tonight as I personally have no horse in this race. Go Gators!

  2. Oh, it looks like I should have gotten to tpgoddess first! 🙂 I’m not really invested in this game personally, but for me the Sooners would be the “local” team. I’ve had former students play for them, though none are right now. Good luck. I’m hoping for a good game.

  3. We are pulling for the Gators too. Hopefully Fisherman will be in a good mood after this evening!

  4. I have no issues with the Gators but, bring from Michigan, I loved what happened last bowl season between the Gators and Wolverines last year.

    Better luck this year.

  5. It was a great game! WG and I thought about FM all night. We would be thrilled if one of our kids went to Univ. of Florida.

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