Posted by: Calvin | December 22, 2008

Shopping in the Sunshine

Last Saturday I did the big shop by myself.  I went 3 towns north to shop in a newish open air shopping area.  It is not a traditional mall.  You have to walk outside from store to store.  Frankly I hate it.  But it is convenient for these occasions when I need a variety of items from a variety of stores.  I did my best to park centrally so I could stick my parcels in the car and go to the next shop.  I only had to move my car 3 times!  I can also tell you with certainty that the weekend before Christmas, other shoppers get very testy when they think they can follow you to your car to take your parking spot, only to realize you are just stashing your goods and moving on. 

With no snow, ice or slush it does not feel like Christmas, notwithstanding the piped in Christmas music and the fake snow on the fake trees.  The sun was shining.  It was in the high 70s and at times I broke a sweat.  Shopping in the sun is hard work.

At the party we went to that night, I stood at the bar waiting for my holiday cocktail to be mixed just so and a friend noted I had gotten a sunburn.   I said, “No, that can’t be, I shopped all day . . . in the sun . . . oh my gosh, you are right!”  Yes, I got a sunburn Christmas shopping!  Don’t worry, it has already turned into a tan.



  1. I’m muttering under my breathe. If I were talking out loud, and there were a wiretap, and it was to be broadcast, there’d be a lot of BLEEPS!!!! :}

  2. These outside stores you speak of…what a neat concept. Do they have little kiosks between the stores to sell you trinkets, phone accessories and mugs with photos on them?

  3. Oh, yeah, go ahead, just rub it in while we’re huddling in our houses, hiding from the painfully nasty sub freezing weather.

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