Posted by: Calvin | December 22, 2008

Gift Tag

A while ago, LSM tagged me for the 12 Gift Meme after being tagged by ramblingmom.   Her rules are as follows:

Write what you think are 12 great gifts (or 8 great gifts — we could say this is for the Jewish contingent, or just admit that it’s for those that can’t think of 12 things).  This could be what you think are 12 great gifts for you, 12 great gifts for your ancestors or offspring or siblings.  This originally started as a tongue in cheek wondering of What Would Jesus Buy(if he were here today) (assuming he wouldn’t be spending denari on giant inflatable penguins) so think of gifts that reflect your priorities and/or values, or the priorities and/or values of the people receiving the gifts.

Having spent most of my time contemplating gifts for others lately, I decided to brainstorm the gifts that I would like to receive.  I debated world peace and other such do-gooder things that money can not buy as implied by the instructions.  I decided against those.  I figure if I am going to have a wish list it may as well double as an economic stimulus package.  The economy could really use a boost so I am really only thinking of you all as I make this list.

  • COURSES AT A CULINARY SCHOOL.  Trust me.  I need this.  OR, if it is easier, you can substitute this for a PERSONAL CHEF.
  • TOP OF THE LINE MATRESS to replace my 11 year old sagging bed set.
  • LAPTOPS FOR EVERYONE IN THE HOUSE so they will leave mine alone.
  • DIGITAL CAMERA.  A really good one.  The kind that has a very expensive lens.
  • BLACKBERRY STORM or some other upgraded personal device from the one I now have.
  • IPOD.  (No, I don’t already have one.)
  • ALL EXPENSE PAID VACATION to some great place I have never been.
  • REMODELLED HOUSE to add a bigger kitchen with a pantry, a workout room with a big screen TV, a theater with a bigger screen TV, a new master bedroom and an expanded lanai with a pool, grilling station and outdoor bar area.
  • REDECORATED FISH SHACK. (In case you are thinking of getting this for me, please note that Fisherman will not allow any flowers, pink or paisley down there.)
  • FULL TIME MAID;  job 1 will be cleaning the crap out of my house and having a garage sale. I will show up for part of the garage sale because I think it is a hoot to watch people pay to take away my trash.
  • PERSONAL ASSISTANT;  job #1 will be doing all of my Christmas shopping; job#2 will be scheduling activities for my boys over winter break so I can get some work done then take a nap.


  1. Thanks for playing! I love the personal assistant idea. I had to laugh when I recently read an article about how Angelina Jolie had “personally made a list of Christmas gifts for her assistant to buy the kids.” Really? She personally made the list? How impressive! 🙂

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