Posted by: Calvin | December 15, 2008

Stuck in the Closet

Sunday afternoon the boys had a birthday party.  Everyone waited until the last minute to do what needed to be done before we left the house.   The boys had their chores and homework.  I had to get dinner into the crock pot and wrap the present.  10 minutes until take off both Fisherman and I were stressing as we told the boys over and over to do their homework. 

In the fury of heated homework reminders, I went to the closet that houses the birthday gift wrapping supplies and had trouble opening the closet door.  Added to the list of sources for my last minute stress was my inability to open the door wide enough to reach in and extract the needed supplies.  The door was blocked by thousands (okay about 15) toys.  Rather than move the toys, I decided to make a point by forcing them aside by plowing the door into them and trying to squeeze my body sideways through the small opening.  I almost got my rear end through the door far enough to reach the supplies when I got stuck.  I tried to go in reverse.  Bad idea.  I was then really stuck . . .  I mean STUCK.  My belt loop had wrapped around the thin, elongated door handle with a loopity-loop end.  I could neither go further in or go further out. 

door-knob(This is generally the type of door knob that we have on the interior doors throughout the house.  You can understand how easy it would be to get your belt loop stuck on the loopity-loop end, especially when you consider that each and every door knob in my house is installed UPSIDE DOWN.  For 15 years I have not noticed this.)

In the same voice in which I had yelled, “Your toys are blocking the door.  You have too many toys.  No toys for Christmas!”  I then yelled, “I’m stuck!”  I guess the stuck message blended into the too many toys message and no one seemed to comprehend my dilemma.  I tried to get unhooked again, to no avail.   My struggles just bound me tighter to the door.  Feeling suddenly all alone and quite helpless, I yelled again, “Did anyone hear me . . . I . . . SAID . . . I . . . AM . . . STUCK!  . . . HELP!” 

About then, the scared little face of Baseball Boy, who was wondering if I am was serious about the no toy promise, slowly stuck his head around the corner to see if I was serious about being stuck.  He discovered I was indeed stuck and, with the comforting knowledge that I could not reach him, he began laughing loud, uncontrollable belly laughs.  He could barely audibly share with his Dad, “You gotta see this, Mom’s really stuck!  Come quickly!”

Fisherman quickly came to my rescue (without the camera, thank you very much!).  He got in his share of laughs before “Operation, Unhook Calvin From the Door Handle” officially commenced.  It was touchy for a while.  I tried to take the pants off, but that idea tanked seeing I could not raise my body high enough to get out of them above the door handle.  Somehow, even though his hand barely fit between my rear and the door, he managed to wriggle me loose.  Thank goodness he was home or I might have been stuck there all day!



  1. Well, that sure had me busting up laughing!! Oh man, the mental picture is just too much. I can sympathize and I will take this as a warning because my door handles in the house all look like that too!

  2. Too funny…for us!

    I think those handles have to come in a “right” and a “left” style. I am not sure flipping the handles “over” would do the trick.

  3. This was as funny in written form as it was at coffee this morning. Next time, I’m telling Fisherman to have the camera ready.

    BTW, you must have been channeling me with all that hollering! Glad to see you’re unstuck.

  4. ROFL…… family would have all danced around laughing too!!

  5. ~snicker~ *ahem* that’s awful! Loved the visuals, I hope you can live this down and Fisherman doesn’t laugh everytime he sees those handles.

  6. Now that is funny!

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