Posted by: Calvin | December 7, 2008

Snow Please

The boys do not have very long Christmas lists this year.  If fact, they look very much alike.  Both want the following:

  • Catcher’s gear – two sets because they will be on different teams this year
  • Baseball equipment bags – two because they will be on different teams this year
  • Baseball bats – two because they will be on different teams this year
  • To go somewhere so they can see snow

That is about it so far.  They do not know it yet, but they are getting a new computer for their play room.  I am still working on them to come up with some less expensive items to tell the grandparents and others who would like to give them a modest gift.  I am sure there are many other items that would put smiles on their faces.  I just need the time to shop so I can figure out what they will be this year. 

I already bought the gifts for Fisherman’s family – his two brothers and sister’s families.  I decided against a consumable gift this year and went for fun.  Here is what I picked:


I just got the eight reindeer glasses, not the carafe.  I liked them so much I got some for myself too.  We decided that Fisherman’s parents would prefer a digital frame loaded with pictures of the boys.  I hope I can find time to go through my digital photos and then learn how to copy them over in time to ship it to them in the Georgia mountains (not snow covered unfortunately).

So much to do.  So little time.   Now I know why my Mom always looked so tired at Christmas time . . . and she didn’t work!



  1. I like the snow you have falling over here. Not as cold and easier to clean up after then the real stuff. My kids are always asking about going somewhere for snow too. I lived in a snowy state when I was a kid, snow is a nice place to visit, but I don’t want to live there.

    • Snow sounds fun, but what a hassle . . . I grew up with snow too and am in no hurry to see it again!

      The more I think of it, the more it will cost to go see snow. We can fly with rewards and stay free at a friend’s house, but the boys do not realize that you can not wear shorts, T-shirts and flip flops!

  2. That’s a responsible, but not inexpensive, list for the boys!

    Forget the snow part…or that might even be cheaper!

  3. I have the reindeer plates and mugs and I love them – they come out Dec.1 and go away with the decorations after the holidays. 🙂

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