Posted by: Calvin | November 20, 2008

Joy Behar Disrespects Homeschool Students

On one of my least favorite TV shows “The View”, Joy Behar says that a lot of homeschooled students are “demented” and the audience thought it was quite funny.  Watching the show it would appear that it is okay to disrespect children based upon the education choices their parents make.

I have little faith in the public school system in my town, so I send my kids to a snootyprivate school.  Not everyone can afford to do that or they have other reasons they choose to homeschool.  In short, I get their decision and respect their right to make that choice for their children.

We have regular contact through their violin lessons with a number of homeschooled children.  Based upon my own personal experience, I find Joy Behar’s remarks unbelievably narrow minded, rude and plain ignorant.  I don’t expect otherwise from that annoying woman, but she really ran her mouth too much on this one.  I hope it hurts their viewership and long term ratings. 

Listen for yourself – the comments begin about the 6:10 mark and get bad at the 7:10 mark.



  1. I am glad I didn’t like her already…we are demented and so are my kids.

  2. Oh, man, what a totally annoying show! How can anybody watch it? They’re just an annoying bunch of yentas sitting around talking over each other, and none of them are really saying anything anyway. It seems like a contest to see who can get the most meaningless words in.

  3. Lose viewers? Probably not for some odd reason. One of them pisses off *some* segment of the population every day it seems. OTOH, I don’t know ANYONE who watches the show regularly so it’s a wonder to me that they are on at all!! It’s so highly annoying. Heidilou said it perfectly.

  4. Makes one scared for the country when you know that people must be tuning in for the program to have had this long a run. And the audience is always applauding the true dementia – the liberal crap that has come from the lips of Behar, O’Donnell, Wawa, Goldberg, etc. The real question is, how much do they pay Elizabeth because I don’t know how she stands it?

    And those demented homeschoolers that get into Harvard. How do they do it?

  5. I have relatives who have home schooled their children, and in both cases their mothers were/are controlled freaks who kept their children at home because they thought the world out there was too dangerous for them.

    Both mothers are psychos, and the children turned out less that socially apt.

    I am with Joy Behar.

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