Posted by: Calvin | November 17, 2008

Biased Media Decease

We live in a resort town and are blessed to have people from various countries as neighbors.  They take holidays in their second homes in the States and live next door, across the street and down the lane for weeks or months at a time.  It is interesting to hear their perspective on various things American and not.

Last night we had our neighbors from Wales over for dinner.  Our neighbors from Scotland joined us after dinner for some cake. 

After dinner, we were watching “American football” and a commercial came on for 60 Minutes.  They were doing a show about Obama.  The gentlemen from Wales, said, “Imagine that a story about Obama.  Do you plan to watch it?”  Being good hosts we said, “We hadn’t planned to, but would be willing to put it on if you are interested in watching it.”  He said, “Not a chance.  We are so tired of hearing about Obama.”  We asked what the coverage was like in Wales prior to the election.   He said that “Obama was everywhere, and my goodness was the media biased.  Wehave never seen such a biased media.  I can’t remember many stories where they even talked about the Republican candidate, and when they did it was not positive like the Obama coverage.”  We talked a bit more about politics, but soon the conversation went back to football, the American kind and the soccer kind. 

Next thing I know, our Scottish neighbor said, “That is Keith Olbermann.  He is the worst one.  Why do they have him on during football?  I can’t listen to him anymore.”  We turned on a different game for a while.

For me the 2008 Presidential Election will be the year that journalism died in the USA.  It looks as though the decease is on the other side of the pond also.  RIP.



  1. Kind of like a flavor of the day…

    No one can get a complete free pass for four to eight years unless they find a “group of villans” set out to destroy him…wait they already have that.


  2. Heh. Journalism died under Clinton honey – you are only now feeling it from your side. It isn’t even about politics – it’s the damn 24 hour “news” stations clamoring for viewers and trying to make money. They cater to the party in power. News divisions shouldn’t be about making money – that should be left to entertainment. That’s why half my political posts were about making fun of the media coverage – because it is horrible!! What you get is entertainment 24/7 on all channels. Pick your viewpoint, and there is a show that will cater to it (which is, at least an improvement over a few years ago when I felt my viewpoint was completely eliminated).

  3. I would say that journalism has been on life support for quite some time. This time around, journalists openly made their choice clear and news was written to pursuade voters toward a certain result. They didn’t even try to hide it. That was when the plug was pulled and death arrived.

    Reagardless of the actual time of death, few disagree that journalism in politics is now nonexistent. I agree that the 24 hour news channels has been a major factor. It caused the line between political “news” and political “entertainment” to become too blurred.

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