Posted by: Calvin | November 15, 2008

Busy Saturday

Laura asked what her readers did today.  Mine was a busy Saturday.  When I woke up this morning I only had plans for my time until 11:30 am.  After that my day was free.  Here is what I ended up doing:

  • Woke up in time to take a real shower before I . . .
  • Took the boys to their violin lesson, at which Fisherman picked up Baseball Boy and took him fishing.
  • Took Mojo to his basketball game at the local YMCA.
  • Gave my friend AN’s son a ride to lunch so she and her H could stop at a store to buy a coveted Christmas present for her son (the son had no idea we hatched that plan – one of the fun aspects of Christmas is doing nice things for friends and family when they least expect it is happening).
  • Ate lunch with AN, her H and son, and another power family from our school.
  • Dropped in the fancy pet supply store to pick up this month’s free bag of cat food (last April I won a year’s worth of cat food at a new store in town – one bag a month.  My cat hates it.  My neighbors’ cats love it.  I get it each month for them) . . . BUT, they were out of the food I usually get so I will have to go back again this month.  While there Mojo bought our neighbors’ cats a new toy using his allowance.  He said he wasn’t giving it to our cat because our cat only plays with his toys at night and he wants to see the cats play with the toy.
  • Stopped by Garage Guy and GM’s house with the new toy and visited with them.
  • Accepted their impromptu invitation to go to Florida Frontier day at the county museum. It was great.  Glad we went.
  • Went to AN’s house for another visit so the boys could play.
  • Met H and Baseball Boy at a local sports bar for dinner – kids eat free on Saturday.  AN and her family joined us.  AN treated, so we ate free tonight too!
  • Wrote this post and (hopefully) went to sleep.

With any luck, my Sunday will be much less eventful but equally enjoyable.



  1. Stay at home ALLLLLL DAYYYY! Except for a 4 1/2 mile run.

    Kids are on the brink of sickness, but it was rejuvinating day regardless.

    Yours was way to busy and someone would have definitely regretted having me be out that long.

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