Posted by: Calvin | November 7, 2008

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa opened in theaters today.  The boys did not have school, so we decided to see the first showing on the first day in our smallish town. 


We took one son’s friend with us and met the other son’s friend there.  Each had a friend.  (No small feat for a working mom at the last minute . . . pause while I pat myself on the back . . ..)

In a odd turn of events, the other friend was there with his Dad (not his Mom!) so I did not sit with the other parent.  I was on the end of the aisle sort of by myself.

We saw the movie in one of the big theaters with the digital screen.  It was a school day for the public school kids, so there were only about a dozen people in the whole place.

The boys all enjoyed the movie (yet not quite as much as the original).  I did too, but not as much as I thoroughly enjoyed my nap somewhere in the middle.  I can’t say how long the nap was, but I can say it wasn’t long enough to wonder what was going on when I woke up.  Such an unexpected pleasure . . . I hope I didn’t snore!



  1. Steal a nap when you can get one. Great idea.

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