Posted by: Calvin | October 28, 2008

They’re Here

Signs that “season” is upon us in this small, tourist town in South Florida:

  • traffic is getting thicker
  • lines are getting longer at restaurants
  • my phone at the office is ringing more often
  • the grocery store aisles are more crowded
  • and . . . this weekend, I officailly saw the first of many car carriers delivering cars from “up north” to their “snow bird” owners down here

The migration has commenced.  Ready or Not, here they come . . . I am not ready this year either!



  1. Huh! I’ve never thought about people shipping their cars down like that. You learn something new every day. 🙂

  2. It is cold here…people are running away like roaches.

  3. Yup, I’m in Miami and I see many more NY and Canadian license plates

  4. It hit me right between the eyes the other day: traffic on that east-west artery that runs in front of school was thick with three lanes of traffic. Time to set the clocks back this weekend and re-program my internal traffic clock to allow an extra 30 minutes to get anywhere in town. Pbbbbbbft.

  5. Its just the opposite here (Wbg/VA Beach) — our tourist traffic has finally lightened up over the past month or so.

  6. I saw car carrier #5 yesterday. Uugggghhhh!

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