Posted by: Calvin | October 27, 2008

This “Dead” Person Voted in 2000


Back in the 2000 Presidential election, I showed up to vote and it went like this:

Poll Worker:  “Name?”

Me: <—- told her my actual name

PW, peered up with a strange look on her face:  “It says here that you’re dead,”

Me:  “I can assure you that is not the case.”

PW:  “I am not sure what to do.”

Me:   “Does this mean I can’t vote?”

PW:  “I don’t know. Just a minute.”  PW goes to get head PW at Precinct.  Head PW calls even higher up PW at Supervior of Elections office.  They chit chat for a while.  PW comes back as sayes, “Sign here.”

Me:  “So does this mean I am not dead?  Can I vote?”

PW:  “Yes, you can vote.”  No comment on whether she thought I was actuallty dead.


P.S.  This election was held after my grandma died.  We had very similar names.  My guess is that they purged my name when they read my grandma’s obituary in the local paper.  Of course, we were not the same age, but our birthdays fell in the same week of October.



  1. At least they didn’t ask who you were voting for first…probably this year. You guys don’t really have a good track record down there…

  2. You look damn good for the erroneously deceased.

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