Posted by: Calvin | October 17, 2008

Stupid is as Stupid Does

I found the following video on a conservative blog and it made me laugh.  The use of it to promote one candidate over another is silly, but can be expected this time of the political season.  So ignore the nonsensical political reference.

One would think that such things would not happen in real life, but I have experienced people not grasping the obvious and have just had to shake my head and move on. 

An example that immediately comes to mind happened about 18 years ago.  I went to the ladies room at a movie theater.  There was a line.  As I waited for my turn, I noticed 2 empty stalls.  I asked the 2 ladies in front of me why they were not using the empty stalls.  The first lady pointed at one of the stalls and said, “there is no toilet paper in that one.”  The other lady said, “that one is backed up.”  I said excuse me and went into the backed up stall, grabbed some toilet paper and took it to the other stall.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw the amazed awe on their faces.  I was clearly the brightest crayon in that box.



  1. Too funny!

  2. The toilet paper thing — what movie had they seen? Something like Beavis and Butthead or something??

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