Posted by: Calvin | October 9, 2008

Tale of the Lazy Inadvertent Financially Savvy Genius

My husband and I both work.  We have his and hers and ours family businesses.  Each year at tax time our CPA reminds us to put money into an IRA.  Each year we open his and hers IRAs at the last minute at one bank (where we have our personal accounts) or the other (where we have our business accounts).  Every year we say we will open “real” investment accounts and transfer/consolidate our various IRAs and each year we forget or otherwise can’t be bothered.  Okay, we are generally lazy when it comes to such investing.

So, as we begin a new calendar quarter I am getting our various quarterly statements and realize that we still have every dime of our retirement money, plus interest!  Suddenly, I felt like a financially savvy genius!  Who ever said that being lazy doesn’t pay?!


  1. And who says that laziness doesn’t pay?

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