Posted by: Calvin | October 8, 2008

Troublesome Teens Getting One-Way Ticket to Nebraska

Nebraska’s “safe haven law” went into effect in July.  This is the nickname given to the laws that allow a new parent to drop off their unwanted newborn infant at a safe place.  The problem is the lawmakers in Nebraska forgot to include the “newborn” part in their law.  As a result, parents who have reached their wits end are dropping off their kids.  One parent recently crossed state lines to drop off her 14 year old daughter in Nebraska. 

Now, instead of threatening to give them coal in their stocking when your kids misbehave, you can threaten to buy them a one-way ticket to Nebraska!

(In reality, this story is much more sad than funny.  You can read more here.  I just couldn’t help thinking of my friends with unruly teens when I read of the mistake made by the lawmakers.)



  1. Not that I necessarily would drop off one of my kids — but I’ve had days where I’ve come this close.

  2. “Hey kids…lets take a road trip!”

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