Posted by: Calvin | September 28, 2008

The Kid’s DVR List

My boys are 7 and 9.  They have asked their Dad to DVR some shows for them (on his DVR – mine is off limits).  Here are the shows that they picked:

They really do not watch that much television.  They don’t have much free time during the week and prefer to be outside on the weekends.  I am told that they only record new episodes and their Dad has the DVR set up to erase the shows after 2 weeks.  How else would he have room for his fishing shows . . .  which is the reason that we have his and hers DVRs in the first place!

What shows do your kids like?

*If you have not watched Cash Cab . . . it is a trivia game show that takes place in a cab in New York city.  I am thinking about dragging my favorite Jeopardy Champion Alto2 with me to New York to try to hail the Cash Cab!


  1. Ahhh…this is more like what seems to be on the television when I am home.

  2. Tooting my own horn, I love “Cash Cab” too. Wizard thought it was “awesome”. I would totally rock that taxi!

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