Posted by: Calvin | September 27, 2008

The DVR List 2008

It is time to set the DVR for the fall season.  My DVR memory has been nearly empty over the summer so I am looking forward to having free entertainment on demand again.  Here are the shows added to my list this year (shows that were on my list last year are in bold; shows that were not on my list last year are not; shows on probation – if it doesn’t get better it is outta here – are in italics):

  • Bones
  • Boston Legal (”Denny Crain!”) – last season it was getting way too political (i.e., liberal)
  • Brothers and Sisters
  • CSI(the best of the CSI trilogy)
  • CSI Miami (a friend’s friend’s son is a writer/producer of this show)
  • CSI New York (this show was a little on the dark side last year)
  • Desperate Housewives
  • Eleventh Hour
  • Fringe (this show was highly recommended so I watched it once and have another episode saved – I’ll try it again but am not too sure about it)
  • Grey’s Anatomy  
  • Numbers
  • NCIS
  • Private Practice
  • The Unit

Last year I did a similar post and was fortunate to have readers share their lists.  Thanks to them, I found some shows I would have missed otherwise.  So, what is on your DVR list this season?  Do you have any favorite sit-coms?  I recently went to hear a speaker who suggested that “winding down” before bed by watching CSI type shows is not a good idea.  I am thinking that maybe I should seek out a funny show to end stressful days.



  1. I regularly watch NONE of that. I tried Fringe, but it didn’t hook me on the episode I saw last week. I am going to give it one more shot.

    I have seen most of those just once, but I really figure I’ll end up seeing them in syndication at some point.

    NCIS is a show I have liked everytime I it was on and all of the CSIs have been good too. My wife DOMINATES the DVR and since she is home during the day, homeschools the kids and does EVERYTHING other than draw a paycheck…I defer to her television habits. I stick to the paycheck and beating the kids. 🙂

  2. This is the last season for Boston Legal – 13 episodes & then they’re done. It’s a good show, but I agree that its time for it to be over. I hope you like Brothers & Sisters, its one of my favorites. A new one we’re excited about this year is Life on Mars – I hope it does better than Journeyman did last year.

  3. Oh, to answer your other question about comedies, we’re not big into sitcoms. Anything with a laugh track grates on my nerve. We are big Office fans. A show that was new last year that is good and light is Chuck. Its not quite a sitcom but it is funny. And its off-season now (although probably available in re-runs), but Pysch is hilarious.

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