Posted by: Calvin | September 14, 2008

How you doin’?

We have had Wii Fit for almost a week now.  It has gotten a lot of use.  Here is the family run down so far:

Fisherman will not try it.  He says he does not want to know his BMI.  I think it is a great excuse to sit on the couch and watch us do silly things.

I enjoy the hula hoop and step aerobics, but most enjoy beating the boys at a balance game and then watching them try over and over to beat me back.  Eventually they do and it starts all over again.

Baseball Boy (9) uses the strength training to practice for PE.  Yes, that is right.  Wii Fit is a homework aide.  Who knew?   At school this year the 4th graders have to be able to accomplish a certain number of push ups and sit ups, so he is tracking his progress there.  But mostly, he is loving the balance games and boxing when his “homework” is done. 

Mojo (7) likes the running exercise.  He has figured out how to do the least possible exercise (lifting only his heels to run) while turning it into a mini comedy act.  He runs down the path making small talk with the passersby . . . think Joey from Friends with “Hey ladies, how you doin’?”‘s to the girls, followed by fake falls (yes, he has figured out how to make his avatar fall at just the right time to be comical).

Overall, wii are having a great time!  Gotta go . . . it is my turn!



  1. That is really funny. My wife and son are the masters at this. I have been running like crazy on the street, so I haven’t been in WiiFit for a while and my family gets quizzed regarding my absence daily.

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