Posted by: Calvin | September 10, 2008

Referral Skews Blog Stats

As you may recall, a while back I decided to post my political thoughts in a separate blog.  Overall, it is a fairly neglected blog, with posts that are usually few and far between, notwithstanding my strong opinions on a day to day basis.  I just do not have time to write as much as I would like and political writing done well is too much like work.  So it is not surprising or remotely disappointing that I do not have many readers over there . . . which is why I was a bit surprised to get a comment today on a very old post.  It was a hateful comment, so I deleted it.  Regardless it made me wonder how after all this time the person found the post.  

I looked at the dashboard and noticed that yesterday I had 819 hits on the post which was the second post I wrote back in May.  The hits were referred from a blog at as an automatically generated “Possibly Related Post.”  My first thought was “very cool!”  My next thought was “I hope I used spell check!”


  1. Isn’t it crazy when that happens?? I had the same thing on the photo I posted of Obama’s grandma in Africa back in Feb. Somehow it was attached a major post on Digg and to this day it is the most viewed post. Still gets at least one hit a day. Of course, a post with a picture of a jacaranda tree is starting to creep up the stats list too – simply because that is a hugely searched on term for some reason!

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