Posted by: Calvin | September 9, 2008

Scored, With a Huge Assist

We got Wii Fit today!  Finally . . . and all of the thanks go to Alto2!  I mentioned at breakfast this morning that I had been actively shopping for the game for a while to no avail.  I said , “if you are ever anywhere and see it, please buy it for me.”  Shortly thereafter, I get an e-mail telling me that Alto2 found it!  In less than two hours she accomplished a task which had eluded me for over two months!

I’d write more, but I have a new ‘ics to add to the list of things that keep me from blogging . . . aerobics!



  1. Game on! I embarass myself regularly.

  2. heehee – yes, I was watching the Wii Fit messages flying around the list today. Since we are still wii novices we are still quite happy with Wii Sports and Wii Play to keep us in shape. Considering that I think I gave myself tennis elbow playing the damn thing last night I’d say we are not quite ready for The Fit. But I anticipate an arrival towards Christmas 🙂

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