Posted by: Calvin | September 5, 2008

Hi-jacked by the ‘ics

For those of you who may wonder why this blog seems to have fallen off of my list, the answer is . . . I have been too busy running Alto2‘s life.   And, doing a great job if I say so myself!

Our trip to San Francisco was great.  I wrote two posts and then the sightseeing, family visiting and friend reuniting commenced.  I was either too busy or too tired to post a word the rest of our trip.  We got home on a Thursday, just in time to get the boys ready for school the following Tuesday only to have Tropical Storm Fay delay school yet one more a day.  Boy, I needed that extra day!  We all did. 

Since then my free time (i.e., when I am not working or running Alto2’s life) has been hi-jacked by the ‘ics:  Olympics, politics, pediatric academics and the tropics. 

I remember posting on someone’s blog that I was not interested in the Olympics except as background noise.  Next thing I knew, I was DVR’ing one station and watching the other, staying up way too late and getting way too personally involved.  When the pole vaulter woman’s coach was yelling at her after she won a silver medal, I found myself yelling at him half way across the world and several time zones away and threatening to “send him an e-mail to tell him what a jerk he is!”  To which my husband, just chuckled and said, “Yea, you do that!”  (I guess he finds ‘ics funny – as in irrational hysterics – so will I when the roles are reversed during football season!)

Fast forward to tonight:  while I watch the political pundits obsess over the week’s events and write this post, I am also watching Hurricane Ike closely.  It is a dewsey.  Category 3, predicted to be a category 4 soon and heading this way.  Yikes! 

To those of you in the path of Tropical Storm Hanna, best of luck.  Stay safe!



  1. So, are we fleeing from Ike or staying? I really don’t want to go.

  2. The ‘ics! Perfect! My obsessions the last 4 weeks too – though thankfully for the last one it’s more to keep track of how you guys closer to the excitement are doing. Fingers crossed that Ike decides to die down quite a bit.

  3. Hanna came right past us…you could have slept through it easily…what a relief.

    Hold on down there.

    Your state should be fun these next two months…unless the Dems abandon it to fight in Ohio. I hear Hillary is coming down there…give her a hug for me! 🙂

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