Posted by: Calvin | August 3, 2008

San Francisco – Day Two – Reconnecting with Family

Our first full day in the Bay Area was spent just hanging out.  No sightseeing, no museums, no driving, no lines, no crowds.  Instead we opted for a relaxing day reconnecting with family.  

The day started with Baseball Boy and I up first.  We put on our shoes and took off for a walk around the neighborhood.  The streets are wide and the architecture is vastly different from the cookie cutter houses you would find in our part of the country.  The more wonderful difference was the landscaping.  The trees and flowers were different than those we see in our tropical neighborhood.  Most yards have rose bushes to greet you and flower gardens to brighten up the facade.  The wonderful colors all around were very cheery and inviting.

While Fisherman, NTG and Cousin JK slept, Cousin SK and I took the boys to the bagel shop.  When returned all were awake.  Cousin SK had to go for a morning ride with her bike club, Cousin JK took the boys to the park and NTG had to go to Monterrey for a meeting where she volunteers.  Fisherman and I were alone, in a quiet house.  Of course, we went to Costco to load up on supplies for the week. 

When we got back from Costco, Cousin JK3 arrived.  We had not expected to see him.  He lives in Colorado.  He was here for a funeral for a friend’s sister.  I am sorry that for the circumstance for his being here, but glad we were beneficiaries.  The boys had met JK3 on our trip to Colorado last year and he became a fast favorite for them.

We asked the boys what they wanted to do.  They said they wanted to play baseball.  Cousins JK and JK3 took us to an awesome baseball field.  Fisherman and I had not planned on playing, but the grass was so green and the breeze so cool, that we got out on the field and played too.  The boys got to bat and run around the bases with us old folks to field (run around chasing the ball) for them.  When we all were tired out we got in the car and went to the ice cream shop.

Back at Aunt NTG’s house the boys went swimming and Fisherman and I relaxed a bit.  FM and I had bought some pork tenderloins at Costco and offered to grill them for NTG.  We ended up with 10 people for dinner:  NTG, Cousins JK, JK2 (who lives in the foothills of Los Gatos and came down to join us), JK3, JK3’s friend and his wife, and the four of us.  The dinner was awesome.  We spent the evening by the pool under the California stars, laughing at Mojo doing silly dances off the diving board, drinking wine (Peligrino for me) and enjoying each others company. 

A great day and a great evening!


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