Posted by: Calvin | August 2, 2008

San Francisco – Day One – The Travel Tale

Compared to our travel nightmare getting to Colorado last year, our travels to San Francisco were a breeze.  We scored first class tickets for points on a decent airline.  The flight was pleasant.  We got all the extras free:  food, drinks, entertainment and hot towels (to clean off the travel greasees).  The entertainment was key.  We all got our very own individual screens to watch a movie or tv, play video games or listen to music.  It was such a pleasure being able to pick a movie that was different from the movie the boys were watching.  I watched Maid of Honor while the boys watched Kung Fu Panda.  Our flight was delayed on the ground for an hour while they fixed a mechanical problem (not welcome news on an airplane), but we hardly noticed seeing we were wined, dined and entertained.  The hour delay also meant that we would land a hour after rush hour rather than smack in the middle of rush hour, so it was really not a problem for us.

When we arrived we went to pick up the 7 passenger rental car we had reserved.  I checked in, paid for the car, but forgot to confirm the type of vehicle.  My first clue something was up should have been that the bill was $100 less than the quote.  I did not realize until we hauled all of our luggage to the assigned car at the far end of the lot that the car was a Toyota Rav – a 5 seater.  UGH!  At least we were near a courtesy phone.  I picked it up and the snotty girl on the other end told me that I had reserved a 5-7 seat car and that the Toyota Ra has 5 seats.  I told her in no uncertain terms that she was mistaken, my reservation was indeed for a 7 passenger car.  She told me to go back to the desk.  We hauled our luggage to the nearest kiosk and I explained our situation and showed the agent at the desk the reservation form that clearly says 7 passenger vehicle.  He asked me to sit down.  I was not sure what he would do, but was too tired not to sit as instructed.  I heard him tell the dispatch personnel that he needed a 7 passenger car.  They talked for a while.  I didn’t hear what else they were saying, until he raised his voice and said, “Don’t give me any crap!  I need a 7 passenger vehicle.  That is what they ordered, that is what they should get.”  At that moment he was my new best friend.  He not only got us an upgraded vehicle, but one with a GPS and the new car smell!  We programed my Aunt’s address and it took us right to her door.

It was great to see her and two of her six adult children (my cousins) waiting for us when we arrived.  We visited for a while and hit the sack hard.  By the time I got to bed it was 2:30 am our time (EST) – Happy to be here, happier to go to sleep!



  1. It’s so nice to hear a happy ending like that once in a while!

  2. “Don’t give me any crap”

    Love it! He should be the president of the company!

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