Posted by: Calvin | July 29, 2008


My freshman year of college I met a wonderful guy. He was unlike most guys I had ever met. He was a smart engineer type, with a huge heart and a great sense of humor. We became fast friends the night he saw me studying in the cafeteria and invited me to his dorm room for a party. He told me he was making Bull Frogs and said I needed to try them. (A Bull Frog is a frozen adult beverage made with grain alcohol and green food coloring amongst other sweet sticky liquids – the name for which comes from the color of the drink and the croaking sound that emanates from the blender just before your pour it out.) Being the studious freshman that I was – NOT, I told him that I really shouldn’t. He said, “Just one?” I caved. I showed up a short time later at his party and he handed me my one Bull Frog . . . in an ice bucket!

We had great times in college and beyond, though the beyond times grew further and further apart. When I went to law school in a big Southern City, he said that he had always wanted to come down to the Southern City. I would call him every so often to see when he wanted to visit. Each time he had a girlfriend that wasn’t to keen on him going out of town to see a girl friend, so the visit kept getting put off. The last semester of my thrid year of law school I called him and said, “Do you have a girlfriend, because I am only here a couple more months and then I am back to Michigan.” He said, “No I don’t. I am coming down.” not only did I show him around Southern City, but I fixed the no girlfriend problem too! In one weekend, he feel in love with my roomate and dear friend!

My great friends had a long distance relationship working in two different states. Somehow they managed to make it work despite the distance. Before long I was in their wedding party thinking how amazing it was that they found each other and how great they were together! Now they have three beautiful children with adorable faces that smile at me each year when I open their Christmas card. I have watched them grow, but have never met them.

Their story comes to mind as I am planning my family’s trip to California. We are staying with my Aunt who I hoped was close to my friends so I could see them while we are there. I searched for last year’s Christmas card from my dear friends and could not find it. So I found come white pages website and typed in the guys name (because telephones are always in the guys name). A listing popped up. I called the number and my friend’s voice was on the answering machine. What luck. I love the internet. I left a message. For fun I clicked “get directions” and put in my Aunt’s address. They live 2.1 miles apart! Approximately 6 minutes!

I searched some more and found an internet address for my girl friend and sent an e-mail. We have been in touch and I will finally get to see them and meet their kids! I have not seen my guy friend since his wedding, about 17 years ago, and I have not seen my girl friend since my wedding, about 10 years ago.

We leave Friday and we will see them on Sunday! I can’t wait. There is nothing like an old friend to warm your heart.  I hope they have their blender out and an ice bucket ready!



  1. What a neat story of them meeting…go figure. I hpe things pick back up where they left off for you guys. I am on my way, after a business meeting out of town to connect with someone I haven’t seen in 17 years myself.

  2. Wow! There’s a lot of that going around. I just had dinner last night with an old high school girlfriend who I hadn’t seen in more than 30 years.

  3. Oh how awesome!! Have a wonderful time 🙂

  4. Have a great time! I got to have dinner with some old friends while we were in Illinois and it was the highlight of the trip.


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