Posted by: Calvin | July 16, 2008

Sultry Barbie

There are times I am so glad that I was blessed with boys, like when I read this article.  You do not actually have to read the article.  The picture says it all, but the picture is copyrighted so I can not show it here.  You have to go there.  Go ahead take a look . . . it is not that bad. 

I was a tomboy.  I nevered liked barbies.  I never even played with dolls.  So maybe I just do not get it.  Is there anyone out there who can explain to me why any parent would buy that doll for a young girl?  Is there a market beyond dirty old men that will actually spend hard earned cash for Black Canary Barbie?

How does this affect me, you ask?  Why do I care?  Well, I have a sneaky suspicion that at some point the young girls who play with such Barbies today are the adolescent, hormonal girls who are going to call my house incessantly in the future.  They are the bad girls who I hope my boys do not give the time of day.  I can only hope that they too look at girls in such outfits and think “Good lord, girl, did you look in a mirror before you left the house?”



  1. I had a Barbie or two growing up, but I was never obsessed with them. Now this Dominatrix Barbie you found is just wrong, Wrong, WRONG! I wouldn’t want her playmates pursuing my boys either.

    The sad reality about those clothes is that the people who wear them really think they look good. Blech.

  2. I might want to meet the actual lady they used for the conceptual for this doll. 😉

  3. I really don’t believe anything that comes out of “The Sun”…

  4. Not to out myself as a complete dork, but I think she’s supposed to look like Black Canary, a DC comics super-hero who’s dressed somewhat like that since the 1950s.

    In other words, it’s not encouraging your daughters to be sluts or anything; it’s encouraging them to dress in costume and beat the hell out of criminals.

  5. Thanks jaynova. You are correct that the Barbie is a Black Canary Barbie and I was not at all familiar with the comic super-hero take off.

    I am not sure if either message; slut or criminal beater is the message I would want to give a young girl!

    Thanks again for your insight. It has increased my interest in this topic. I can honestly say I have never paid this much attention to a Barbie doll in my entire life!

  6. I have a 3 year old daughter, and I can say is Yikes!

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