Posted by: Calvin | July 9, 2008

The Pineapples are ready . . .

  in my Dad’s garden and they are as fabulous as ever.  If you have not tasted a pineapple that was allowed to fully ripen on the plant, then you have not really tasted a pineapple!  I wish you all that opportunity some day!



  1. I was in Hawaii for two weeks a few years back.. I became TOTALLY addicted to pineapple then, Driving past the huge Dole field was a sight to behold. I ate so much pineapple with every meal, the juice had to be oozing out of my skin.’

    It is too cool that he can grow them there.

  2. I’m jealous!!!

  3. Yummmm!!!

  4. So that’s where the pineapple picture comes from. I may just have to sneak down to their neighborhood and peek at their garden. Please tell them to ignore the fat chick gawking at the produce.

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