Posted by: Calvin | July 8, 2008

Now THAT is a Snook!

Baseball Boy caught a snook of a lifetime on Sunday.  It was 37 3/8″ long.  He used a spinning reel with 12 pound test line, a 20 pound test leader and a number 8 hook.  He had an itty-bitty live shrimp for bait and was only holding the rod with one hand when the snook took the bait.  In his other hand was a box of Triscuts.   Needless to say, the Triscuts hit the deck and the fight began.  The snook in typical fashion took off into the mangrove roots.  BB stood strong to the challenge and finessed him out of the snarled fish safe haven at which point the fish jumped out of the water in an attempt to throw the hook.  Unsuccessful, the snook swam back and forth pulling drag as he went.  In the end, BB prevailed. 

The funny part about this catch is that we were more or less on a leisurely nature cruise with friends.  It was not a “fishing trip” per se.  We had spent the morning at our favorite secluded beach swimming and shelling.  When we were finished at the beach the skies over land were full of thunderous clouds and monsoon like rains, so we decided to fish for a while before heading back to the fish shack.  BB and Fisherman are in a tournament the end of the month and they were trying out various fishing spots to see where they would get the most bites. 

The particular spot were were fishing is a favorite of mine.  It is the spot where Fisherman and I caught a prize winning redfish in a tournament while we were still dating.   Needless to say, they will be fishing that spot in the next tournament too!

FYI.  Snook in Florida must be within a “slot” to bag (keep) the fish.  The slot for a snook is 28 -32″.  The season is closed from June through August.  BB’s fish was too big to keep any time of year.  I am told that one of the reasons that you can not keep snook larger than 32″ is that when the fish gets that large, regardless of the sex it was assigned at birth, it becomes a female and begins to reproduce.  So, the snook BB caught was most certainly a big mama!



  1. Holy Snookers Batman!! Wow. How awesome. Congrats to baseball boy on the really big catch. Interesting bit of info about the Snook species as well.

  2. What a monster fish! Digital cameras and phones make things so easy to capture these memories. All the fish I caught are still stories.

  3. Fabulous fish! I’ve actually never heard of that species before.

  4. Bravo to BB! What a beautiful fish. Good luck to him and his dad in that tournament this month.

  5. That is really interesting that they all become females once they get a certain size. Learn something new every day!


  6. too cool!

  7. […] I would use it as a type of a diary to document good memories – […]

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