Posted by: Calvin | July 2, 2008

It is Pouring!


When it rains it pours!

  • At 3:34 am Mojo came in the room to awake me from a sound sleep saying, “Mom, I threw up in my bed.”  He proceeded to be sick many times throughout the night and morning.  It seems to have stopped now.  I am not counting any chickens just yet.
  • Baseball Boy’s best friend is only in town for two days before leaving on another month long vacation.  He returns while we are on our vacation.  When we get back he will be on another vacation.  Today was the only day the two had to see each other before school starts.  When his Mom found out that Mojo was sick, she cancelled the play date for this afternoon.  I understand completely.  Baseball Boy is devastated. 
  • Wednesday is cleaning lady day.  We called her to let her know that there was a sick child in the house.  She is going on vacation Friday to see her grandchildren, so she passed.  It will now be two weeks in a row that we will not have her services.
  • It actually is pouring rain this afternoon.
  • It rains nearly every afternoon where we live.  Consequently, Fisherman is in a foul mood because he has a lot of work to do, most of which is outdoors. Due to the rain his crews are not getting enough done each day and we are behind schedule.
  • Did I mention that the house is dirty and it will be two whole weeks before our cleaning lady returns to assist.  Oh how I despise housework.
  • I am exhausted from being up so much last night with Mojo and the sheets from my bed are in the wash!  Decent nap potential is slim to none.
  • I am too tired to work or read.
  • There is not much worth watching on television.  We found a movie on Video On Demand that none of has seen:  The Indian in the Cupboard.  The boys were watching it intently when the cloud cover became too great and we lost the signal.
  • We have very little food in the house.  Coming up with a decent dinner will be very difficult, particularly seeing I am culinary challenged.  Pizza anyone?
  • I got my hair cut last week and I decided today that I do not love it.  It is flat and lifeless.  (Wait maybe that is just my current state of mind.  Perhaps tomorrow both my hair and I will be voluminous and glowing.)

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow . . .



  1. With the money that you’re saving by not having the cleaning lady in — you can afford to get a pizza.

    P.S. Use paper plates.

  2. Ick. Sorry 😦 I hope that tomorrow your hair, your family and you will all be glowing.

  3. Blech….hope you are all better soon!


  4. I’m sorry to hear Mojo is sick. If I had known, I would have brought over some homemade chicken soup I have in the freezer. It’s yours if you want it.

    Sounds like it’s been a confluence of crumminess around your house. Hope everyone improves rapidly.

  5. Addendum: My partner just called. Our server at the office crashed this afternoon. He is assessing how much data is lost.

    At least while I was home today I was not creating documents that would vanish! I can’t say the same for those at the office who were not home with a sick kid.

  6. The only thing worse that “Mommy I threw up in my bed” is…

    “Mommy I threw up in your bed.”

  7. Oh you poor dears. I hope Mojo is feeling better soon.

  8. Nice and usefull post, thanks, this is one for my bookmarks!

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