Posted by: Calvin | June 28, 2008

The Gift for Gossip

My Mom has a lot of gifts, one of which is not the gift for gossip.  We had this conversation yesterday:

Mom:  “After golf today one of the girls sitting at our table was talking about some man who has three kids at Baseball Boy and Mojo’s private school.  She says that he is getting a divorce and the wife is getting their really big house.”

Me:  “Did she say his name?”

Mom:  “Yes, Marco or Rocco or something like that.”

Me:  “Was that his first or last name?”

Mom:  “I don’t know.”

Me:  “Where is the big house?”

Mom:  “I don’t remember.”

Me:  “Were the kids boys or girls?  What grades are they in at school?”

Mom:  “I don’t think she said.”

Me:  “Well, what did she say?”

Mom:  “He started seeing a therapist and I guess he fell in love with her.”

Me:  “Oh my, that is not good.  She could lose her license for that.”

Mom:  “Yea, he got injured, his back or leg or something, and he went to her for therapy.”

Me:  “Oh, you mean a physical therapy therapist, not a psychologist type therapist?”

Mom:  “Yes.”

Me:  “I guess that is better, but not much.  So let’s see, we know that a man with kid’s at the same school as my boys, who had a bad back or leg and had an affair with his physical therapist, is getting a divorce and his wife is getting the house.  We don’t know his name, what neighborhood the house is in, how old the kids are or whether they are boys or girls . . . did she say anything else?”

Mom:  “Not that I remember.  I told her that my grandchildren went to that school.  First she looked surprised and then she stopped talking about it.”

Me:  (laughing) “Mom, you really stink at this gossip stuff.”

Mom:  (laughing)  “Yes, I do.”



  1. She is never going to get a job as a police interrogator either.

  2. Hahahahahaha!!! She’s horrible! But, in the long run, that is probably good 😉

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