Posted by: Calvin | June 27, 2008

A Big Purchase

I find it interesting the differences in the way people/couples make big purchase decisions. Some people take the process very seriously. They thoroughly research the item to determine the best value and shop around to make sure they are getting the best deal. Others get an idea and buy the item on the spur of the moment.

Fisherman and I both work full time.  We do not have a lot of spare time for shopping.  Consequently, we are almost always in the latter category.  Here is a typical (yet rare) scenario resulting in a big item purchase (we do not make a lot of big purchases):

FM and I both took the day off to take the boys to a Minnisota Twins Spring Training game. It had been a family outing with the boys. On the way home, we were coming upon FM’s favorite store, Bass Pro Shops, and we decided to take the exit and do some spontaneous browsing. About that time I noted that we needed gas. Just our luck the brand new Costco at the same shopping complex had opened. While getting gas I remembered that I had our Costco rebate check in the car. The conversation then went like this:

Me: “Hey look, I have our Costco rebate check in the car. Would you like to go into the new Costco to look around.”

FM: “Okay.”

As we parked FM said: “The television in our bedroom seems to be going on the fritz. I wouldn’t mind getting a new flat screen HDTV.”

Me: “Sounds good to me.”

We entered the store. The HDTVs were conveniently located near the entrance.

Me: “What size do you think would be best?”

FM: “I think the 37 inch would work.”

Me: “Okay, here they are. They have 4 to choose from.”

FM: “Which one do you like?”

Me: “That one.”

FM: “It is $150 more than the others.”

Me: “We are going to watch that TV every day.”

FM: “True. I like that one best too, but I am not sure it will fit in the car.”

Me: “I think it will. If it doesn’t we’ll just tell them that we’ll pick it up at the store by our house.”

FM: “Okay.”

We shopped some more. Hit the sample buffet. Shopped some more. As usual, while FM checked out, I took the boys to the snack bar to get a Churro and a twist yogurt to share. When finished checking out, FM met us at the snack bar. When the delicious snacks we shared were finished, we went to the car. The HDTV fit, but just barely. As we started to drive off . . .

FM: “Oh, by the way, the guy at the check out suggested that we not use the rebate check. He said that if we put the charge on the credit card and something went wrong, we would only be insured up to the amount of the charge.  I didn’t use the rebate check for the TV.”

Me: “Good decision.”

We love the TV.  It works great in the room.  It has a super picture and we did ultimately use the rebate check.



  1. For us, we make spur of the moment decisions that we are going to get something, but we just point my wife in the right direction and she finds rebates, cost codes, coupons, price matches and whatever it takes. We may wait a month to get what we want, but she sure can hunt down a deal.

  2. Oh, you are lucky! Such team work. If SP and I ever marry, we will be like morethananelectrician and his wife, only with the roles reversed 😉

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