Posted by: Calvin | June 24, 2008

San Francisco Wins!

The boys picked Chicago and Boston as this year’s vacation spot.  Fisherman picked San Francisco.  I don’t care . . . I just want to get out of town.  A little change in latitude (not altitude) will do the trick for me.

We have lots of reward points so I checked for free flights.  San Francisco won!  I got a great deal on award tickets.  So San Francisco, here we come.

My aunt lives near San Jose.  We will stay with her and use her house as a home base most of the trip.  We will hit two major league parks – S.F. Giants and Oakland A’s.  (Bonus – The Tampa Bay Rays will be in Oakland while we are there!)  Fisherman wants to ride the cable car, Mojo wants to see the Golden Gate Bridge, Baseball Boy wants to see the Pacific Ocean and I want to go to Alcatraz (to give my boys a visual to go with my threats to send them to prison). 

To those of you who have been to that part of California . . . what else should we add to our list?



  1. Gotta Love those Rays this year….I am a Tigers fan, but I am really surprised by the Rays this season. The Yankees are getting ready to make a charge. I sure hope that they don’t melt down on the fans. It is a very long season.

  2. OH awesome! I love everything in SF. The wharf, riding the trolly, Lombard street. I am sure Alto2 will give you some great tips.

  3. Hello?? Did we not discuss the sites this morning at breakfast?

    You politely informed me “we’re not city people”. Well, honey SFO is a helluva city, to be seen and experienced.

    Fine, take your happy heinie to Monterey and Muir Woods for all I care.

  4. Alto2 – I am coming around to your way of thinking. I am sure we will spend at least 3 – 4 days in the city. There seems to be so much to do there! My aunt already told me that our trip is not long enough and we will be required to return to see all that we missed.

  5. I know this is an old post, so I’m sorry if this is no longer relevant, but I was just in San Francisco. You TOTALLY have to go whale watching in Monterey! I think it was our entire family’s favorite part of our trip.

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