Posted by: Calvin | June 22, 2008


Did I just swear?  Should someone wash my mouth out with soap?  At the dinner table this evening we discussed whether “crap” is a curse word.  The word is taboo at the boys’ school.  It is on “the list” there.  Is it on your list of taboo words?



  1. Hmmm..never been discussed actually as it is not a word any of us use very much. Most likely it would be frowned upon, but perhaps not forbidden. Oldest is almost 12 after all – he could say a whole lot worse!!

  2. I say “crap” is not a swear word.

    I have adopted “barnacles” as my word of choice. Only parents of relatively young kids know what I am alluding to and it makes me laugh when I want ot say something much worse than “crap”!

  3. I’d put that one in the pretty mild category, though I understand why the school would prefer students not say it. It’s not a word that I or my kids use regularly, but I’d have a pretty mild reaction if one of them did.

  4. According to George Carlin, who just died BTW, no. I agree that “crap” is pretty mild, so much so that it’s acceptable to my husband (who hates cursing). I laughed at More Than An Electrician’s substituting “barnacles”. I need to find a good word like that and erase those f-bombs from my speech.

  5. Of course we couldn’t use the word “crap” at the dinner table, seeing I forbade the use of any word that references a bodily function at the dinner table . . . But we ultimately decided, as the wise commenters have concluded, that the word is not a swear word, yet not a good word to use as noted by the teachers at the snobby school.

    I like “barnacles” too. I suggest that we all adopt that fine word as the official preferred alternative to “crap!”

  6. I don’t think it’s a swear word, but I really don’t like it, so I don’t say it myself. In most instances, I don’t allow the kids I watch (babysitting or at church) to say it either.

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