Posted by: Calvin | June 17, 2008

Not “Working”

I took this week off from work.  My husband is too busy at his work to go anywhere any time soon, and I did not plan a trip without him like I should have, so the boys and I are just hanging out at home.  Sounds great, right?  NOT. 

Okay, it is not that bad, but it has almost been 2 days now and I am about done.  The boys do not have a day camp this week so I am also stuck with my plan (it has been 3 days if you count Sunday – Saturday doesn’t count, because I spent 8 hours working so I could take this week off).  So far:

  • I have made dinner three nights in a row. 
  • I have done 4 loads of laundry (which with our big machine is like 8). 
  • I have filled up and emptied the dishwasher 5 times. 
  • I went shopping and bought clothes for Fisherman and the boys, then rewarded myself with a new pair of white sandals (every woman needs at least one pair of new white sandals every summer, right?)
  • I have forced the boys daily to do some of their summer homework packets, read and practice their violin.
  • I have only fit in one walk [though I did manage to go by myself :-)].
  • I have only read one chapter of my current book.
  • I have had one short lunch with Alto2 (with kids, so the talking was limited). 
  • I have had NO NAPS
  • I have read blogs, but this is the first time I have sat down to write a post of my own – as you can see there is not much to write about! 

The cleaning gal comes tomorrow so we will need to get out of the house for about 7 hours.  I need to figure our where we will go.  At least, as Mojo says, when we get home the cleaning gal will have made everything look new again!


  1. Boo hoo. Welcome to my world. I see a girls’ night out very soon.

  2. That’s a lot of work for someone who is not working this week!

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