Posted by: Calvin | June 12, 2008

The Cat’s Meow

Have you ever had a “talkin’ to” by a cat?  It happened to me this morning.  While I was brushing my teeth, our pet cat (sans lion cut) came in and gave me a piece of his mind.  It was obvious to me that he needed to vent his frustrations, so I just let him unload his anger on me.  I patiently let him have his say without interrupting.  I swear I even understood exactly what he was saying during his lengthy rant.  It went like this . . .

MEOW. MEOOOOOOW. MEOOOOOOOOOOOOW. MEOW!  What the heck were you thinking agreeing to watch that mangy, annoying, dorky Yorkie while your parents are out of town.  MEOW. MEOW.  Did you notice that little . .  little, . . . ER . . . jerk drinks out of my water dish and eats my snacks.   MEOW.  MEOW.   MEOOOOOOOOOW!  And, that butt-in-ski hound will not let me sit on the couch with you guys at night.  Did you notice how that pouch growls at me as if those itty-bitty teeth could scare a gnat.  MEOW.  MEEEEOOOW.  To avoid our “guest” I am forced to stay outside on the lanai.  Thank goodness Mr. “I’m an overpriced Pure Bred with the mentality of a scoundrel mutt” is too stupid to figure out that he too can get his puny body through the cat door to pester me out there too.  MEOW.  MEOW.  MEOOOOOOW.  AND, the dispecable creature actually had the NERVE to sleep in my favorite spot last night.  MEOW!  NOW LISTEN UP YOU . . . I.  MEOW.  EXPECT.  MEOW.  YOU.  MEOW.  TO.  MEOW.  DO.  MEOW . . . SOMETHING . . . MEOW . . . NOW . . . MEOW!



  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Oh gosh, Amber has given me scoldings like that – usually when we have been away too long and she needs some attention. Great interpretation.

  2. You been dissed by da cat, girl. You toast.

    My civilized felines speak to me daily about going out on the lanai.

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