Posted by: Calvin | June 2, 2008

Open Letter Challenging Charlie Moore!

Dear Charlie Moore:
We challenge you to a snook fishing contest!
My nine year old can catch snook with his eyes shut!  (He opens his eyes for the picture.)  He caught a 26″ snook on Memorial Day.  It put up a great fight and took a few big jumps on the way to the boat, but he was no match to my son’s fishing prowess.
My husband, a native Floridian, redneck, cracker contractor; my 7 and 9 year old cracker boys and I (a lawyer – so no rewriting the rules as you go) will undoubtedly out fish you and your Yankee crew.  We challenge you and whoever you care to help you out in your quest for the elusive “snookie” (as you say in your classic Bostonese).
If you win, you will have have the honor of claiming that you have truly conquered your snookie slump and we will take you to a Tampa Bay Rays vs. Boston Red Sox game in Tampa – we will all wear Red Sox jerseys.  If we win, the boys want you to take them to a Tampa Bay Rays vs. Boston Red Sox game in Fenway Park. 
They want to see the “green monster”!!  AND, YOU WILL HAVE TO WEAR A RAYS JERSEY!
We fish out of Port of the Islands.  The scenery is awesome.  The wildlife is great.  The water is brackish, so you will find alligators and manatee swimming in the same waters.
Contact us . . . if you dare!
Note to Blog Readers who may think I am out of my mind:  This is real.  The fishermen in my household are
big fans of Charlie Moore’s fishing shows on ESPN2.  For a long time now my boys have asked me to go to
Charlie Moore’s website to send their challenge.  Wish them luck getting on TV.  According to Charlie Morre’s
website, they get over 60,000 challenges a year and only do about 12 “Beat Charlie Moore” shows.


  1. I try not to watch this guy since he is a little annoying, but the draw of someone bringing him down to their “hole” and teaching him something is enough to hook me into this show.

    He sure seems to have fun. Good luck on your quest…maybe he’ll accept!

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