Posted by: Calvin | May 19, 2008

Strike up the Band

Mojo is a planner.  He has a plan to start a rock-n-roll band.  It all started a year or so ago when his Uncle bought him his first electric guitar.  It was solidified this past Christmas when he and Baseball Boy got Guitar Hero as a gift from Santa.  Mojo talks to me about it often.  Not all the time, but often.  Each time he brings it up he has a new idea or another person recruited. 

Mojo will play the lead guitar.  He can also fiddle if needed.  On his own, from the first grade at his school, he found another guitar player (his best friend, of course), a keyboard player (a girl who he will proudly tell you has been in lessons for 3 whole years), and a drummer (who does not have drums, but is working on it).  For a while he was asking me to help him find a singer.  Here is how the conversation went in the car on the way to a recent birthday party:

Mojo: “Mom, have you thought of a singer for my band?”

Me: “No, but I have given it some thought.”

Mojo:  “Who do you think it should be?”

Me:  “I am not sure who yet, but I do know that the lead singer should be someone with a great singing voice and great crowd appeal.”

Mojo:  “What does that mean?”

Me:  “I mean someone who makes the crowd scream with delight.  Like that guy on Naked Brother’s Band.  You know how when the girls see him they go crazy?”

Mojo:  “I see.  I was thinking JP.”

Me:  “JP?  Does he sing?”

Mojo:  “No, but his dad is a pilot and has his own airplane.”

Me:  “What does having an airplane have to do with picking your lead singer?”

Mojo:  “Well, you know how you have to put your stuff in baggage claim when you go on a plane? And it takes so long to get your bag when you arrive?”

Me:  “Yes.”

Mojo:  “Well, if we took JP’s plane we could keep our stuff with us and we wouldn’t have to wait.”

Me:  “Good point, but I still think that the singer should have a great singing voice.  Maybe JP can have another role for the band.”

Mojo:  “Okay, well then you’ll have to keep looking for a singer for us.”

Me:  “Okay, I will do that.  Maybe I can recruit someone at the party.”

Mojo:  “Okay.”

(We drove a little further down the road, then . . . ”

Mojo:  “Mom?

Me:  “Yes?”

Mojo:  “Are you going to miss me?”

Me:  “Miss you?  Where are you going?”

Mojo:  “When I am on the road with my band!”

Me:  “No way . . .  I am going with you!  You are going to need a manager.”

Mojo:  “Oh, Okay!”

In the rearview mirror I could see the the frown on his face turn into a satisfied smile.  His plan was coming together!


Since the party, Mojo found a lead singer.  She is adorable.  She has permision from her parents.  I have no idea if she can sing. 

At different birthday party I overheard the birthday boy’s Mom (the Mom of the boy Mojo choose to be his drummer) saying to another Mom, “He keeps asking for a drum set.  I have no idea why he is so obsessed with it.”  I just kept on walking with a smile on my face . . . I know exactly why he is so obsessed!  He has the mojo band bug!




  1. Let me know when the first CD comes out. I will be the band’s First Fan!

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